The Distress Subsided

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Headless Horseman

Nighttime approached in the Hollow and as the hue of the sky shifted to dark, another dreary state of slumber commenced.

The raven, ever so gallantly mounted on a birch pedestal, twitched his head in bewilderment as the Horseman lay in his bed of stone.

Aware of his elongated moments in solitude, this living humble creature sensed that this extended period of time alone had caused a great deal of misery for the Horseman. Over time the distress subsided.

Masked producer Headless Horseman resides in Berlin, Germany.

My creativity is directly driven by transforming real-life experiences and my immediate surroundings into sound. I feel the real challenge is in being able to capture these delicate moments and morph them into an audible entity. Regardless of the medium utilised to create, the entire process has acted as a steady form of therapy.

Headless Horseman on Transforming Life's Experiences Into Sound