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Rolo Tomassi


It's not something people normally look at or focus on; self-reflection as a theme, but if you ignore what's happening to you and how it's making you think about things then I don't think that's good.

James Spence

Invisible Sun

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The Prodigy


Invisible sun, I’m stumbling in the dark
Invisible sun, a shadow upon the stars
Invisible sun, shining where there’s no path
Invisible sun, burning our question marks


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Trespassers contains four tracks of elegant yet abrasive hardcore that delves into the depths of disappointment, displacement and the inevitable disintegration of human relationships.


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Ancestral Voices


Liam Blackburn’s Ancestral Voices project is a nomadic journey of self discovery, exploring expansion of consciousness through sound.

Bullet Boy

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Massive Attack


I’ve been listening to Massive Attack since the release of Blue Lines in 1991. I recall it was one of the few non-classical CDs in my father’s collection, and Mezzanine appeared in there as well upon its release in 1998. I have favorites from all albums, but this one may be a bit more obscure to the casual fan. It originally appeared on the soundtrack EP to the 2005 film Bullet Boy.

Walls Around Earth

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Burning Vow


I think given half the chance
They’d build walls around the Earth


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Rolo Tomassi


I struggle to draw breath
When we are so restricted