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Ancestral Voices


Liam Blackburn’s Ancestral Voices project is a nomadic journey of self discovery, exploring expansion of consciousness through sound.


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Andy likes birds. It may be his favorite animal, if he agreed with that concept.

Bullet Boy

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Massive Attack


I’ve been listening to Massive Attack since the release of Blue Lines in 1991. I recall it was one of the few non-classical CDs in my father’s collection, and Mezzanine appeared in there as well upon its release in 1998. I have favorites from all albums, but this one may be a bit more obscure to the casual fan. It originally appeared on the soundtrack EP to the 2005 film Bullet Boy.


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2005-11-09 13:52

Another example of Andy’s macro light painting, using 3mm LED.

Erajh Nur Dwfa

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OAKE is a German experimental techno project that ventures into the sonic realms of fear and uncertainty. OAKE pushes an unforgiving style that’s demanding of listeners, devoid of stock value or predictable moralizing, and which seeks to find and create romance in a greyscale world of brutalist architecture and all-pervasive automation.


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2019-01-28 17:40

Andy moved to the Oakland hills in 2018. By county, his progression through the Bay Area has been Napa, Marin, San Francisco, and Alameda.

Walls Around Earth

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Burning Vow


I think given half the chance
They’d build walls around the Earth


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2004-11-05 21:21

Andy began experimenting with light painting in July 2004. He’d seen examples of the technique but wasn’t familiar with the term at that time. He was watching the film Koyaanisqatsi almost daily during that period, which features night time lapses of highway interchanges.