Invisible Sun

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The Prodigy


Invisible sun, I’m stumbling in the dark
Invisible sun, a shadow upon the stars
Invisible sun, shining where there’s no path
Invisible sun, burning our question marks


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2005-08-10 10:05

Andy visited Interlaken, Switzerland during his “2005 European Adventure.”


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Trespassers contains four tracks of elegant yet abrasive hardcore that delves into the depths of disappointment, displacement and the inevitable disintegration of human relationships.


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2010-09-08 15:44

You know what I’ve always enjoyed? Juxtaposition.

Hunted by Those Nights

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Restive Plaggona


Restive Plaggona is Dimitris Doukas. Hailing from the Greek island of Corfu, Dimitris has released music under the names Leftina Osha, Plaggona, Matriarchy Roots, Vile Temper and Restive Plaggona.


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2004-10-23 15:40

Fog on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California.


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Ancestral Voices


Liam Blackburn’s Ancestral Voices project is a nomadic journey of self discovery, exploring expansion of consciousness through sound.


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Andy likes birds. It may be his favorite animal, if he agreed with that concept.