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Rolo Tomassi

It's not something people normally look at or focus on; self-reflection as a theme, but if you ignore what's happening to you and how it's making you think about things then I don't think that's good.

James Spence

The sheer disrespect of this
To disregard and feign bliss
I listened to the movement
Now I'm stunned to silence

Claim to love it, unconditionally
But boast resent with charmless ease

What seems to get overlooked
Is this is not compulsory
This isn't who we are
Lost in the lines in between

Your bitterness in this business
A hate supreme and merciless
Pierce with distaste to watch it bleed
Romanticizing misery
This league is bred to criticize
And now we watch it multiply
Fail to resist intrigue in interest
Detonate the illusion of affluence

This sunrise brings entitlement
And we fight to earn it
All is not lost for this lost art
Though it's forged with lukewarm sentiment
When all else is laid out to rest

How dare I dare to demonstrate?
What was beloved is now waste

Grieving the death of easier days
Against dominating waves
Labored breath forcing it to wake
Call control on what you did not create
Reduce this weight before we sink
Revive and reverse, resist and return

Conquering my despair
The true prevalence
Of passion