Hunted by Those Nights

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Restive Plaggona


Restive Plaggona is Dimitris Doukas. Hailing from the Greek island of Corfu, Dimitris has released music under the names Leftina Osha, Plaggona, Matriarchy Roots, Vile Temper and Restive Plaggona.

Excerpt: An Interview with Restive Plaggona - The Brvtalist

The Brvtalist: Besides Restive Plaggona, you’re also releasing music as Leftina Osha, Plaggona, Vile Temper, and Matriarchy Roots.

In Greek, a heteronym is a fictitious character created by an author for the purpose of writing in a different style (which is different than a pseudonym), but some even have their own biographies (like the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa). Do you see your different projects as heteronyms, as creative personas which have their own style and who create different sonic realities? And how do you shift from one mindset to another when creating music?

Restive Plaggona: Pessoa found an avenue of freedom and expression through different heteronyms. He argued that “to live is to be someone else”. This was a significant way to discover different aspects of himself while escaping from others. Personally, I am fascinated by such a technique. Through my diverse projects, I express different characters that I have built and characters that I abdicate. Being detached from something that you have created discharges you from feelings of fear and hesitation. Thus, the ‘character’ is a separate piece of you, and you feel that you are not responsible for the effect and the message it carries. With regard to the sound, it is something that I seek. I cannot focus on only one thing as I am not only one thing. The more choices I have, the easier it is to tell what I want. Going forward, I will continue to search for even more methods of self-expression.