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2019-01-28 17:40

Andy moved to the Oakland hills in 2018. By county, his progression through the Bay Area has been Napa, Marin, San Francisco, and Alameda.

Though he wasn't born in California, Andy's family moved to Napa when he was very young, and he considers himself a Bay Area native.

This was shot from inside my room, which used to be a garage. It gets very cold at night but the view is worth it to me. This is probably only about a quarter of what I can see. It's quite a panorama from up here. The majority of the bay and peninsula south of SFO is visible, though there's a palm tree partially obstructing view of the south bay. This would be the northernmost portion of said panorama. In the lower left corner here you can see the runways at OAK, with the tower only about 5px out of frame.

The windowsill is higher than average, as there was a workbench that ran the entire length of the wall just below it. Fairly typical for the back wall of a garage. After the bench was torn out I built a small standing desk out of a TV stand and telescoping legs, so I can look out while working on various projects. I enjoy watching departures and arrivals at OAK while listening to air traffic control on my scanner. My G12 with cable release is typically mounted on a tripod permanently set up for shots like this. I really should get binoculars, a telescope, or maybe a camera with telephoto lens someday…